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Who we are ?

What We Are

Logicwaves Academy is An Education Brand by Aurelia Innovatives Pvt. Ltd. We aim to help people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. In this changing era where technology is changing fast as night and day, one has to be in tune with the changing dynamics.

Don’t worry we are here to train and guide you. We provide rigorous online training to professionals and newbies. Our dedicated bunch of trainers help carve your skills and specialize you in the areas where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly, and the demand for qualified candidates is exceeding as the days pass.

What we do?

Online Corporate Training

Logicwaves Academy offers virtual classrooms for training on a variety of certified courses. Get hands-on knowledge of data privacy, programming, and web development from the giants in the field of IT. Our training is focused on helping people acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding of the changing tools and techniques in IT.

Our modules and courses are not only designed to help you get theoretical knowledge but also to gain practical experience through hands-on projects. The modules combine practical exercises, theoretical learning, group discussions, simulations, and intensive Q & A sessions.


Our Aim

Technology Training Online

We aim to provide quality education nationally and internationally to upskill the budding techno-savvies. Our motive is to raise future professionals through our top trainers.

Seeing our students positively impact their organizations and create responsible and sustainable solutions that promote growth is the most important thing that satisfies us.

Logicwaves Academy offers the world’s #1 virtual training courses and bootcamps with leading certification training providers. Aid to all your unique needs, training and coaching that benefit you accomplish your career goals


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